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Choose from this huge variety of tape colors, sizes and adhesives!
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Perfect for common, everyday home and office labeling needs.

Vibrant colors to create stylish labels.

Up to twice as strong as standard laminated labels – ideal for the toughest labeling tasks you face.

Safe for photo-labeling, scrapbooking, and other photo-sensitive materials.

An ideal solution for textured surfaces, rounded edges, electrical wiring, and audio/visual cables.

Letters printed on cloth tape can be adhered by ironing onto other cloth.

Leaves tell-tale evidence of tampering when removed.

Perfect for labeling CD case spines and other narrow spaces

Cleans print head for optimum performance – good for approximately 100 cleanings.
* Claims that adhesive is "acid-free" and/or "photo-safe" are based upon: 1. Satisfactory test results obtained by Photographic Activity tests per ISO 14523
and non-acidic pH tests per TAPPI 509; 2. Certifications from material manufacturers; and 3. Atomic scans of adhesive following removal of backing paper.